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WSI Trader is the first comprehensive global weather platform in the industry, providing both hand-edited and raw weather model forecasts for the most market-sensitive international locations. For the first time, all of the WSI products you know and love can be found at one Web portal. Temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloud forecasts will be available for the key markets that energy traders are following. The forecasts will all be available for the key markets that the energy traders are following. The forecasts are expressed in terms of absolute values and anomalies, as well as more direct measures of energy supply and demand such as degree-days. Future releases will provide even more information on energy supply and demand by providing forecasts of key renewables sources in gigawatts.

Our new Weighted Forecast section will allow the user to quickly discern how the latest model forecasts compare to previous model forecasts and to the existing WSI forecast. Whether you're trading Day Ahead power in PJM or prompt-month gas in the UK, WSI Trader is your one-stop shop for all of your market-moving weather information.

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